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Whether it’s quiet luxury, dark maximalism or both for your home decor, we can help! 
Our website and showroom feature stunning furniture and accessories, restored and refurbished by our talented team. 

What is Quiet Luxury? 

Quiet luxury has transcended all boundaries of fashion and furniture. 
Brash branding is replaced by the effortless elegance of timeless pieces. 
It’s about well-chosen vintage pieces, quality items and versatility. 
Our shop has statement pieces that exude quiet luxury. 
Pieces include retro record or vintage drinks cabinets, G Plan chests of drawers and more. 

Pieces that are talked about! 

Our bespoke pieces are usually one-offs and they become a talking point amongst friends and family. 
Statement pieces speak volumes and can become a focal point in your home. 
Having such a bespoke piece in your home speaks volumes about you as a person: your individuality, how good your taste is and how you’re helping the environment. 

How Quiet Luxury 'Works' 

There is an emphasis on building and layering your home or office space with fewer, high quality versatile pieces. 
High quality pieces are often timeless, and as our furniture items are often donated from our supporters, we never know what will come through the doors. 
With a hint of calm luxury, when our team transforms a cupboard, table or chair, muted colours make for quiet luxury. 
High quality pieces such as a glossy walnut table or a rustic Welsh dresser or vintage oak carver chairs can make understated statements as to the eclectic items in your home. 
Reupholstering with soft fabrics in neutral colours elevates what some might call basic items into a quietly luxurious one, such as an occasional chair 

Elegance Guaranteed 

The variety of the items donated are effortlessly elegant. 
With donated quality items, even if the piece arrives in poor condition, our passion for upcycling means we have lots of skills at our fingertips. 
Many items we receive are made in natural materials, another key aspect of quiet luxury. 
Wood, glass, wicker and other materials ensure our work stops items going to landfill. 
Our pieces often find their forever homes or forever families. 
With an emphasis on thoughtful restoration, from chairs to book cases, buying from our website or from our showroom helps us to do our little bit for the environment. 
Many pieces have minimal lines, making for a more peaceful room with less to distract and more to admire. 

Accessories and Lighting 

As well as key pieces of furniture, accessories can also ‘shout out’ with quiet luxury! 
Sensuously shaped vases, bevelled mirrors, wicker baskets and more can add those thoughtful, decorative accents to finish a room. 
Mirrors are key to creating a quiet luxe feel to your home adding additional light. 
For lighting in the ‘oh so quiet’ luxury home, think soft, diffused bulbs 
and textured lamps and task lighting for your home office. 


If you love home décor and enjoy browsing websites for select pieces, then upcycling is a key element as we seek to look after our planet for future generations. 
Upcycling is recycling and then some! 
Preloved items that simply want to continue being useful love upcycling. While the concept is nothing new, our dedication to restoration, refurbishing and upcycling can renew second-hand furniture and accessories. Upcycling stops items going to landfill or being dumped or fly-tipped. 
We use our skills to transform a piece including sanding, varnishing, deconstructing, stripping back, distressing … our team is nothing if not thorough! 


For those who have a beloved furniture item that maybe needs a repair or some TLC or there is a piece instore that you would like to altered to a particular specification, we can help. 

Furniture Works and What We Do 

Home décor is one of our favourite things! 
Our retail showroom in St Thomas Street, Scarborough is a home décor lover’s paradise. 
Yet it’s more than simply restoring furniture. 
Each item that is donated and sold helps young people in the Scarborough area. 
Furniture Works is a valued member of the Futureworks NY family. 
Our clients, who range in age from school age upwards, help restore and refurbish furniture and accessories along with help from expert staff. 
Each piece that appears in our shop is lovingly transformed into a quality bespoke household item. 
You can pop into our shop or browse or buy 24-7 on this website. 

Where Are We Based? 

Our showroom is based at 39 St Thomas Street, Scarborough and we first opened in 2020. 
We are open 10am to 4pm, Monday to Saturday. 
Our helpful team is on hand to advise or simply be there if you need to ask any questions. 
You can phone us on 01723 447884. 
We can collect donated items and also deliver purchased items for a small fee. 
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