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If you are a fan of the dark maximalism trend, then we can help you! 
With our website open 24-hours a day, and our shop open six days a week, you can choose accessories and furniture for your home. 
We restore, upcycle and refurbish many preloved items here on the Coast. 

What is Dark Maximalism? 

This décor style is popular and ‘of the moment’. It looks set to stay with its easy yet ‘moody’ palette. 
Often considered a dystopian trend, dark maximalism includes dark rich colours (dark greens, regal purples, cobalt blues, dusty pinks, and muted mustards). 
These shades appear in soft furnishings, wall paints, wall papers and items of furniture. 
If you’re fond of panelling, then dark maximalism offers the perfect colour palette for this popular home décor. 
Contrasting shades such as dark blues and faded golds work well. 

Getting Talked About 

Statement pieces speak volumes about your home and can become a talking point among friends and family. 
Our bespoke pieces are as individual as you are. 
You can follow timeless trends without being wasteful or adding to landfill 

Clashing Patterns 

The dark maximalism trend also allows us to play around with clashing patterns. Animal prints, giant exotic leaves and flowers make an impact if carefully used. 
Our Aztec design glassware or our Black Aztec Design Plant Pot is an affordable way to add in a pop of colour. 

Colour Pops 

Talking of pops of colours, think rusty shades to accentuate the rest of the dark maximalism look. 
Terracotta, scarlet reds and even black can work. 
This can be a fun way to be part of this ‘moody’ look. 

Wall Gallery 

A nod to the dark maximalism trend is the wall gallery. Think a mix of sizes, frames, frame styles and finishes, and images, mounted on a wall. Layering the frames mixing the vintage and modern, is great fun and if done right looks fantastic. Perhaps those elegant frames contain an iconic image or vintage print. Some would say this gallery wall is out …  
However, they are still popular and can be the one element you implement in your home, office or business space. 

Textures and Lighting 

Dark maximalism demands soft textures such as velvet and silk. 
Think well-chosen lounge blankets, tassels, large throws in the muted gem colours, giant cushion with large motifs! 
Combine these with chandeliers, chunky wall lights and brimmed lamps. 
Other key pieces include large, overstated wall clocks in the dark maximalist shades such as black and copper 

Victorian and Edwardian Influences 

These historic times yielded timeless designs which still resonate today. In fact, with most era-defining times, this is the case. 
The ornate, elegant Victorian style reflects the era of Queen Victoria’s reign: 
This was followed by the Edwardian period which encompassed hints of Victorianism yet also brought us Art Nouveau, nods to industrialism and use of quality timbers such as walnut, mahogany and oak. 

Furniture Works and What We Do 

Home décor is one of our speciality! 
Visit our retail showroom in St Thomas Street, Scarborough. 
Furniture Works is about so much more than simply restoring furniture. 
Each item sold helps young people in the Scarborough area. 
Furniture Works is a valued member of the Futureworks NY family. 
Our clients, ranging in age from school age upwards, help restore and refurbish furniture and accessories along with help from expert staff. 
Each piece that appears in our shop has been transformed into a quality bespoke household item. 


Upcycling is a key element for us as we seek to look after our planet for future generations. 
We ‘taken on’ preloved items that simply want to continue being useful. 
While the concept is nothing new, our dedication to restoration, refurbishing and upcycling can renew second-hand furniture and accessories. 
Upcycling stops items going to landfill or being dumped or fly-tipped. 
Our team will transform a piece using many skills, including sanding, varnishing, deconstructing, stripping back, distressing … our team is nothing if not thorough! 


For those who have a beloved furniture item that maybe needs a repair or some TLC  
or there is a piece in store that you would like us to alter to a particular specification, we can help. 

Where Are We Based? 

Our showroom is based at 39 St Thomas Street, Scarborough and we first opened in 2020. 
We are open 10am to 4pm, Monday to Saturday. 
Our helpful team is on hand to advise or simply be there if you need to ask any questions. 
You can phone us on 01723 447884. 
We can collect donated items and also deliver purchased items for a small fee. 
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